Dua Good Job Symposium

Early awareness, early adoption, and saving lives through a collaborative effort.

June 27th, 2024 - Virtual Event

9 am to 6 pm EST

Did you know that Oral Cancer is one of the fastest-growing cancers worldwide?

Do you know how to adequately screen your patients and guide them appropriately?

Early detection is KEY to saving lives!

Join us at the Dua Good Job Symposium, where we tackle the urgent issues plaguing healthcare professionals, patients, and families.

Together we will take a comprehensive approach to Oral Cancer and see how we can work collaboratively and make a difference.

*We understand and value your time, so this Symposium will be available to view anytime until 12/27/2024, once purchased.

**Survivors- please email parul@parulduamakkar to get special pricing.  


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Discover the keys to early detection, proactive prevention, and a future where lives are saved through collaborative efforts.

Unlock the secrets of oral cancer understanding, prevention strategies, and post-diagnosis management with leading experts.

Learn how to make a difference in your patients' lives and establish yourself as a healthcare pioneer.

  • Discover how to identify and address oral cancer risks without overlooking the crucial HPV link.
  • Understand the critical role dental professionals play in early detection and prevention.
  • Explore treatment modalities with expert insights into oral cancer staging, surgery, and post-treatment patient management.
  • Gain valuable knowledge on managing life after a cancer diagnosis, from practicing empathy to legal considerations.

Speakers & Topics

Learn and grow with our world-class lineup of experts.

Understanding Oral Cancer 

Dive deeper into one of the fastest growing cancers worldwide.

  • Dr. Sanjukta Mohanta- What causes Oral cancer?

  •  Dr. Ashley Clark- Brief overview of Leukoplakia

  • Dr. Jill Meyer Lippert, RDH - Oral-Systemic links in Cancer

Role of the Dental Professionals

Understand how prevention is key and importance of early diagnosis

  • Jo-Anne Jones, RDH - Spotlight on Survival: Early Detection Strategies for Oral and Oropharyngeal Cancer

  •  Debbie Zafiopolous, RDH - See Spot Don't Run

Treatment Modalities

Learn from Experts how cancer is treated and achieving best outcomes

  • Dr. Steve Yusupov- Head and Neck Oncology in the Dental Practice

  • Dr Cheryl Cable-Reconstructive Treatment Planning Considerations for Dental Oncology Patients
  •  Dr. Jillian Rigert- Quality of Life & Psychosocial Impacts of Head and Neck Cancer Treatment

Management of Cancer

Learn from experts to manage life after diagnosis

  • Dr. Maggie Augustyn- Compassion in Dentistry

  •   Dr. Priya Mahindra- Overview of cutaneous oncology and post-procedure wound care. 

  •  Alan Stein-Dental Transitions within the Parameters of Estate Planning

Living with Cancer

Thriving and not just surviving

  • Dr. Vibhor Makkar- The Importance in Movement for Head and Neck Cancer Patients

  •   Ilene Dillon- Emotions in the Dentist's office

  •   Thad Lurie- Nutrition Tips for Head and Neck Cancer Patients.

  •   Jessica Gore-Is it really clean if full of chemicals?

  •  Eva Grayzel- Fortune in Misfortune: A Story NOT Silenced by Oral Cancer 

Prevailing after Cancer

Not letting cancer define you, finding the strength to move on.

  • Dr. Natanya Brown-Finding the Strength to Persevere

  •  Dr. Alan Stern- Three mistakes I wish I never made and one that I learnt from.

  •  Dr. Laura Brenner- Caner:The ultimate Confidence booster.

  •  Dr. Tarryn McCarthy-Healing Empowerment, Stepping beyond the labels and limits of a cancer diagnosis. 

Live Virtual Event


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All registrants and attendees who sign up by June 26th will receive a swag bag including a signed copy of Dr. Manu Dua's book, "Life Interrupted, Dr Dua's Survival Guide" which is a collection of articles he penned when faced with his own mortality at the young age of 34 and chronicles his realization of life and what (and who) truly matters.

Losing my brother, Dr. Manu Dua, to Oral Cancer at the age of 34 compelled me to create the Dua Good Job Symposium.

This event not only imparts practical clinical knowledge but also addresses the emotional and human side of dealing with oral cancer.

For students and residents, it's an opportunity to enhance your understanding of comprehensive oral exams and the oral systemic link.

The symposium guides you to future-proof patient care, offering a holistic approach that extends beyond technicalities. Join us to learn from experts, deepen your understanding of oral cancer, and leave inspired to save lives.

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